What to Do If Early Grey Hair Appears : Tips & Makeup

What to Do If Early Grey Hair Appears : Tips & Makeup

White hair that appears between the ages of 25 and 30 is considered early grey hair. Although it has been found that the process of the appearance of faded hairs is usually genetically programmed, but there are some external factors that can contribute to the earlier appearance of gray hair. Diet, for example, can cause premature grey hair.

It is common for people to change their hair color with age. However, white hair can appear at almost any age. Even teenagers and people in their twenties can see strands of white hair.

Are you one of them like me appearing early grey hair in the mid of age 25, here is some useful things to be understand which will help you make action plan:

Why does hair turn grey

According to a trichologist, Olga Berezhnaya

“specialized melanocyte cells that produce the pigment cell melanin, are responsible for hair pigmentation. Synthesis of melanin occurs in the root system, and only then does melanin enter the growing hair shaft.” These reactions are activated by the endocrine and nervous systems. If the amount of melanin decreases, it stops penetrating the hair, and it turns white.

In general, in medical terms,

The level of melanin, the coloring pigment, determines the natural color of the hair. Hair follicles are located at the root of the hair and produce two types of pigment: eumelanin, which gives hair a chestnut or black color, and pheomelanin, which gives hair a yellow or brown color. The more melanin there is, the darker the hair. The melanin-producing cells in the hair become depleted over time, and the hair naturally becomes almost transparent or gray.

What are the causes of early gray hair?

Thus, gray hair often appears at a fairly young age (from the age of 25), and such a process is only a confirmation of the health and full development of your body.

In addition to helping with hair coloring, there is no point in fighting it, especially since it will not bring any result. But why does gray hair appear earlier than the age set by nature?


Ask your parents at what age they started noticing white hair in their hairs. If it happened at a very young age, it is very possible that early graying of hair is written in your family history. That is, this is a genetically determined factor, and there is no point in fighting with nature.

The body of each person is endowed with a kind of “clockwork”, which triggers certain moments of life, triggering changes in it. This “alarm clock” we often get from our parents. So if your mom turned gray at age 15, don’t be surprised to learn that she had silver hair as a teenager.


“If your job is stressful, expect gray hair by age 20. The fact is that the hormone cortisol, which is produced in the process of strong emotional overstrain, reduces the number of melanocyte cells responsible for producing melanin. is, and, as a result, causes the appearance of gray hair,” says Tatyana Spasova. This reaction causes the hair to turn white. This can be called premature graying of hair before age.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

A team of researchers from Father Muller Medical College in India found that nutritional deficiencies can lead to premature graying of hair.

This is due to low levels of ferritin, calcium and vitamin D3 and vitamin B12. And scientists at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in Iran have determined that even low levels of copper, zinc and iron lead to premature graying.


Diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, gastrointestinal tract and the autoimmune spectrum

The European Society of Cardiology has found a link between premature graying of hair and alopecia in young Indian men with coronary heart disease (alopecia is an autoimmune disease that leads to hair loss. – circa ed.).
Various hormones also affect the synthesis of melanin: when the function of the pituitary gland, ovaries and thyroid gland is disturbed, it affects the production of hair pigment. Therefore, gray hair can also be one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Thyroid disorders and hormonal changes

Thyroid disorders and severe hormonal changes lead to premature cessation of melanocyte function.


A 2010 study by the University of Jordan showed that smoking affects the early appearance of gray hair.


“Premature gray hair may appear in girls who are fond of protein-free diet. Especially often this happens with young people aged 17-25 years,” noted Evgeny Ivanov.

Protein is the main building material for hair, it contains tyrosine, which promotes the production of melanin. Deficiency reduces the activity of melanocytes and leads to the appearance of gray hair.

What to do if you notice early grey hair

My hair started turning white. What to do? It is necessary to address this problem both internally and externally. There is nothing you can do with white hair, but the appearance of new hair can be prevented. In extreme cases, specially made tools for this will come to the rescue.

Here is the plan you can take action accordingly,

1. Review your diet

As long as there is some grey hair, may be affected during the procedure. Include B vitamins in your diet. Maxim Zotov recommends paying special attention to panthenoic acid, vitamin B5. It is found in meat, offal, fatty marine fish, nuts and legumes.

B vitamins are often found in dietary supplements, but they must be selected with the help of a nutritionist.

Incorrect intake of dietary supplements leads to allergies and disruption of the kidneys and liver: against this background, grey hair looks like a very minor problem. Vitamin supplements help slow down premature graying if not genetic in any way.

2. Get a tint spray

If grey hair starts to become embarrassing, consider hiding it. Firstly, a tinting spray is enough. It is a dry shampoo based product which gives color to the hair before the first shampoo. “Such a spray refreshes and gives volume to the hair, thanks to the dry shampoo in the composition. It absorbs fat and removes small impurities, ”explains Artem Klyukin, hairspot stylist on Bronya. In the usual natural dyes Toner sprays are available at most multi-brand cosmetics stores.By the way, they also offer to mask the roots that have grown out after staining.

3. Take care of your health

In some cases, early gray hair is a sign of failures inside the body. Then the solution of these problems (if it is, for example, in the thyroid gland) will prevent the appearance of grey hair.

Do not forget to massage the scalp and adhere to a healthy lifestyle in general, reminds Maxim Zotov. All of this will help stop it before it becomes a problem.

4. Try Balayage

Ombre, shatush, balayage – fashionable for the past three years, the color helps us stay on the verge between “paint on everything” and “but I like my color.” They do not need to be updated often, they do not require special care (moisturizing shampoo and masks are enough once a week), but gray hair is completely lost in the mass of bleached ones.

Artem Klyukin suggests trying Air Touch: a coloring technique in which the master blows most of the hair out of each strand with a hair dryer and brightens the rest. The result looks natural and masks gray hair well.

5. Use soft colors/dyes

The dye can be permanent or semi-permanent – it all depends on the percentage of hydrogen peroxide in the composition. Permanently penetrate into the hair structure and dye it for a long time.

It is not necessary to mask gray hair (only if you really want to). Toning is enough – staining the surface with colors.

This will take 20 minutes and will last for three to four weeks. Then the process will have to be repeated, but even your mother will not notice the difference with the natural color of the hair.

6. Get into all the hard stuff

Or maybe the first gray hair is the impetus that you did not have for a complete change of image. Lighten up, be a burning brunette, dye your hair pink, cut everything off at once – the beauty industry allows you to experiment with the style as you wish. Besides, it’s just hair.

7. Observe Daily Lifestyle

If, starting at the age of 25, the gray hair becomes more and more shimmering in the hair, then this is a reason to think. First you need to analyze your lifestyle:

  • workload and stress levels,
  • presence of bad habits,
  • sleep patterns,
  • Nutrition and adequate amount of essential vitamins in the diet.

8. Contact a trichologist to find out the reason

With rapid graying of hair before the age of 25, you should consult a specialist. The doctor will exclude serious diseases, establish the presence of a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, and correct the diet and nutrition.

I didn’t get into the saddle fast enough, so I went the other way – I researched my genetics and turned to a therapist.

As it turned out, all the women in my mother’s line turned gray early – at about the age of 20 – and the specialist assured me that everything was in order for my health, as I regularly went through the scheduled examinations. .

After a doctor’s examination, it is important to include supplements such as Omega 3 and other vitamin complexes, as well as diversify the daily menu with proteins and vegetables.

9. Just don’t pull out

According to trichologists, due to changes in the root system, the hair will again become snow-white, but dermatitis and injuries that occur during such manipulations can cause more damage.

10. Don’t worry

With the appearance of single gray hairs after 25 years, you should not immediately sound the alarm. Olga Berezhnaya notes that in her practice, the cause of early gray hair is often genetics, and not a disease.

My First Time early grey hair story, treatment, and coloring

For the first time, I found out that my hair had turned white at the age of 21. Out of fear, he took it out with tweezers and went for a walk with a friend.

A year later, I noticed that there were even more white hairs. I painted them with tonic and went for a walk with my girlfriend.
At the age of 23, gray hair became quite noticeable.

Then I went to forums where 18-23 year old girls wrote about how their boyfriends leave them because of their gray hair, and their girlfriends whisper behind their backs. Then I read the article about the causes of white hair and how to deal with it effectively. How to live with it, it was not written anywhere. All this scared me. I dyed my hair with ammonia-free paint and did not go for a walk.

At the age of 25, gray hair was already on the top of the forehead and at the temples. I had no more straight parts and bangs, and a two-thousandth hole in the budget for coloring each month.

At 27, I decided not to dye my gray hair anymore. I found a master who picked up a color that allows you to beautifully enhance your complexion with gray hair. Gray hair is a part of me, and I’m not ashamed of it at all. Everything is fine with me.

When I came across with aesthetically pleasing gray hair, the question of health remained: should I be worried about anything? To find out, I went to a doctor and got my genetics checked, and also consulted a specialist trichologist for this article.

With the help of home remedies, you can add shine to your hair and get rid of gray hair

When the initial gray hair starts showing, if you don’t like the color white then just put some plan in place to deal with it. May people look for How to get rid of gray hair without dye and coloring. This is exactly the process of how to get rid of gray hair at home without artificial dye.

For many people the appearance of gray hair is a shock. Most likely, the case is a lack of amino acids, which reduces the production of melanin and, as a result, gray hair appears.

By the way, several medical studies have shown the absence of stress to have a positive effect on hair color. The deciding factor here is that the cells responsible for producing melanin come back with stronger experiences. It is not in vain that after stress they say: “I almost turned gray!”

Home remedies to get rid of grey hair.

Home remedies with natural product are a great way to get rid of gray hair at home without dye or color. Here are the some of them

Black Tea. Homemade hair moisturizer for brittle hair. It also adds shine and natural color to the hair.

  • How to use: Boil a glass of water and 2 tablespoons of black tea leaves, one tablespoon of salt. Let your hair cool with the decoction, strain and wash. After that, do not rinse for several hours. Repeat this process 2-3 times a week.

Coconut oil curry. The high content of Vitamin B makes this remedy a miracle weapon against gray hair. With regular use, the hair should become shiny, they not only restore color, but also receive optimal care.

  • How to use: Boil a cup of coconut oil + a handful of curry leaves for about 6-8 minutes. When the oil cools down, filter this mixture and massage it on your scalp. Wash off after a few hours. A perfect hair oil for people go gray hair early.

Onion. This vegetable prevents premature graying of hair. Onion juice promotes a combination of hydrogen peroxide and natural antioxidant catalase. Both the components are often the cause of premature graying of hair.

  • How to use: Cut the onion and squeeze its juice. Mix 3 spoons onion juice + 2 spoons lemon juice and massage it on the scalp. Leave on for 30-60 minutes. Then wash your hair with mild shampoo. This process should be repeated 4-5 times a week for about 2 weeks for ideal results.

Tips: What to do if early gray hair appears

Severe stress and physical activity can cause premature graying of hair. According to experts, people who live in overworked conditions, as well as people with diseases of the nervous system, may turn gray early.

Scientists discover how immunity affects the appearance of early gray hair
Experts note that at present it is impossible to completely get rid of stress. So, according to psychologist Yuri Plotnikov, even watching the news can cause stress in a person. In order to keep your veins and the pigmentation of your hair with them in order, you need to follow certain rules.

  • Firstly, get enough sleep, secondly, communicate with the people you like more often, and thirdly, you should get yourself some kind of hobby that will allow you to distract from serious problems. And, of course, do not neglect the holiday and in no case do not work with you on vacation. Relaxation must be complete, – quotes the words of Vechernyaya Moskva Plotnikov.

Doctors believe that diseases of the endocrine system and hypervitaminosis can cause a decrease in hair pigmentation. And if this happens, then you need to contact the doctors.

Early gray hair is usually irreversible. If you have already turned gray, there are several ways to solve the problem – selective drawing or coloring, or simply shaving your head. Cosmetologist Natalya Logova says that you can slow down the appearance of gray hair. According to him, this can be done only through the general improvement of the body, the right way of life.

Other Options : What to do if First Grey Hair

Gray hair indicates the absence of melanin in hair pigments. The causes of gray hair can be very different: age, genetics, chemical changes or environmental influences. 

The problem is that it is impossible to increase the amount of melanin in a natural way. Therefore, getting gray hair, the whole strategy comes down to disguise, hiding gray hair . There are several ways to help do this. Here are 6 main secrets, choose yours.

1. Pulling out gray hair

If you see the first gray hair, then you can do it very simply – pull out the hair with a sharp movement. And forget about him. Pulling out 2-3 hairs a day will not critically affect the density of the hair, because a healthy person loses up to 100 hairs a day. However, it is clear that when you see not one, and not even 5 gray hairs, but a whole strand, the pull-out strategy is not suitable. We will look for other ways.

2. Mascara

The cosmetics industry has generously responded to the desire of girls to paint over gray hairs and thin strands. A whole generation of new products has appeared: mascara , hair marker, hair pen, colored mousses…

These products only last until the next hair wash, they will have to be reapplied after each wash. Mascara is designed to mask individual hairs, while a liquid marker can paint over a small strand, it is a liquid product like a liquid eye liner. The mousse works like any other styling mousse, only it has some tint. It paints over gray hair the worst, but with weak gray hair it is effective.

Mascara, markers, hair lipstick come in very bright extreme colors that imitate coloring with colored crayons , but there are also shades for painting over gray hair: brown, black, red – you can match tone-on-tone to your natural hair color. By the way, as a mascara or a hair marker, you can use the same products, but intended for eyelashes or eyebrows.

3. Rinsing the hair

This technique also works until the next shower. Such rinsing is sometimes resorted to in order to preserve the color of dyed hair . But the method is also suitable for adjusting gray hair. The trick is to add a little paint to the shampoo, or use a ready-made tint shampoo. And every time you wash your hair, you will “paint over” your gray hairs. The method is not persistent, but its advantage is that it does not spoil the hair and scalp at all.

4. Semi-permanent hair coloring

This is a coloring option that is not washed off when washing the hair, but is more gentle compared to the permanent. Semi-permanent (dyes labeled “semi-permanent”) gives healthy hair color and shine, but lasts up to a maximum of 12 shampoos.

Such paint can be bought for home use, or painted with a semi-permanent in the salon. You may have doubts whether it is worth using a semi-permanent, because if you wash your hair every other day, the paint will not last even a month on your hair. 

Is this worth considering that the cost of a semi-permanent is almost the same as that of a permanent paint? There is an advantage. It will be much easier for you to return to your color, there will be no problem of regrown contrasting hair roots and an untidy look. So – consider the option with semi-permanent staining.

5. Permanent dye

This method uses strong concentrations of hydrogen peroxide to get a permanent result. It is clear that this is a more dangerous method for the condition of the hair, although the dyeing will last longer (more than 24 shampoo applications).

One tip is to get professional help. Salon coloring lasts longer, salon clients confirm this. In addition, higher quality dyes and care products are used in salons, which will reduce the damage caused to the hair during dyeing.

Many are concerned about the problem when the roots grow back and create an unattractive appearance of hair. There are a few simple tips:

– repeat coloring with feathers or strands, starting from the roots,

– avoid such hairstyles as a ponytail or bun – tightened hair reveals the border of dyed and regrown hair;

– use voluminous styling or curly curls, black or gray roots will be almost imperceptible;

– re-coloring is equally important to do in the salon, and preferably from the same master, then he will be able to choose the right concentrations and shades of colors so as not to harm the hair;

– use conditioning products that add shine – highlights on the hair hide the border of coloring.

6. Accept your gray hair

Consider the option that it is possible not to be complex about your gray hair at all – to accept it once and for all. If you work on your image and style, gray hair can add glamor and grace. Gray hair tends to go with olive or dark women. But keep your gray hair constantly hydrated so it looks natural, not lifeless. To do this, use a deep conditioner once a week.

Conclusion – What to Do If Early Grey Hair Appears

Finally, I would like to note that it is impossible to effectively deal with gray hair without observing a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget to eat right, go to bed on time. It is useful to get rid of bad habits. Only in this way, regardless of age, you will look a little older than 30 years.