Tips for How to Do Pin-up makeup & Pin Up Style

Pin-up makeup was extremely popular in the 40-50’s among American women! Marilyn Monroe herself posed for photographers with pleasure, emphasizing her natural beauty in this way! And although pin up is called a “retro” style, but today it is back in fashion!

What are they, the beauties in the pin up style? Cocky coquettes with snow-white skin, scarlet puffy lips, expressive eyes, long eyelashes and thin eyebrow threads!

How did the pin-up style come about?

Since the 50s of the last century, it became fashionable to pin up the wall posters with images of girls in revealing outfits. With English “pin up” translates as “to pin, pin up.

Pretty girls in the pictures were sometimes depicted in quite frivolous poses, their makeup was catchy and expressive. Half-open necklines, lace stockings, alluring smiles – all this attracted the attention of men. But one could not call these pictures indecent, as they did not directly show all the charms of a woman’s body!

Such young ladies were viewed as the pinnacle of femininity, true beauty, and sexuality. Soon pictures and photos appeared on playing cards and lighters, and in time filled the pages of magazine glossies and TV screens.

How to do pin-up makeup?

You don’t need to have supernatural skills to do 50s style makeup. Everything is simple enough! Consider the main steps of the makeup step by step.

Face Color

  • Porcelain, healthy skin is an important prerequisite for pin-up makeup. So you should start with a basic foundation, which will add a flawless face. On a cleansed face, apply base, then foundation. It is allowed to use a dense layer, because the face should be as if from a picture.
  • The tone of the base should be a little lighter than the natural color of the skin. After all, on the bleached face bright lipstick and black eyeliner look much more noticeable and catchy.
  • To mask small pimples and redness, use concealer.
  • Cover the skin with a transparent powder.
  • Revitalize your face with blush. Touch the cheekbones with pink, peach or coral shades.


  • The pin-up style places great emphasis on the eyebrows. Thin, expressive, curved “threads” were a beauty must for fashionistas in the 40-50s.
  • Experts of modern make-up do not advise in our time to adhere to this rule. Simply remove the superfluous hairs, give the eyebrows a correct form. Accentuate them with a black pencil or dark shadows.
  • It is possible to fix the eyebrows with a gel.


In the pin up style, the eye makeup is done particularly carefully. Expressive black arrows and lengthy eyelashes are distinguishing features.

  • First cover the entire upper eyelid with beige, milk or white shadows. Brush it with a bone.
  • Under the brow, apply white or gold pearlescent. As a result, the eyebrows will express themselves even more.
  • Shade the crease of the upper eyelid with dark shadows.
  • It is better to use black eyeliner, not a pencil. From the inner corner of the upper eyelid to the outer, draw a smooth and clear line. The tail of the arrow should be slightly directed upwards. Although not extremely thin, the line should be pretty visible.
  • For your eyelashes use a few coats of volumizing mascara. Excellent addition to the image of false eyelashes.


  • Lips should look bright and juicy. To achieve this effect, trace their contour with a pencil in red, then paint the entire surface.
  • Some makeup artists recommend tracing the lips, stepping back 1-2 mm from the natural contour. This way you can make them plump and attractive.
  • Apply a bright matte lipstick on top. Excellent suit the shades of red, carrot, burgundy-red, plum, pink-red color. Tracing with a kar0ndash will ensure that the lipstick will lay evenly, will not bleed.
  • At the end of the center of the lips, apply a transparent gloss.

Some beauticians recommend to add zest – to draw a pencil mole fly! Such a variant is suitable for a photo or for a party, in everyday life it is not always acceptable. And if there is a birthmark on your face – also emphasize it with a pencil.

Makeup in the style of pin ap is suitable for blondes, and for brunettes, and for brown hair. Angular black arrows and red lipstick go equally well with any hair color! But brunettes are especially charming in this image!

The color of the hair must be taken into account when choosing the shade for the eyebrows. For blondes it is better to prefer a gray-brown range, for brown hair brown, for brunettes – black.

Blonde girls can paint their lips pink, not red.

Pin-up hairstyles – a colorful addition to the look

If you are going to accurately reproduce the image of a cute coquette of the 50s, do not forget about hair styling. Large curls, manageable curls, playful curls create with the help of a curling iron or curlers. Strands coming down to your shoulders or interesting styling – choose for yourself.

Many women used to create hairstyles accessories: ribbons, scarves, kerchiefs. Popular hair styling with a headscarf provided different options: it could be tied on the chin, around the neck, used as a bandage, completely cover the head. The colors of kerchiefs could be different, but necessarily bright, with small and large prints and polka dots. Modern hairdressers sometimes replace the headscarf with a flower.

Some celebrities of our time gladly use the style to create their own image. Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese, Gwen Stafani are happy to show their commitment to pin-up makeup. Many women, after trying on retro makeup, are very happy with their reflection in the mirror! After all, in the look appears brightness, cockiness, courage, confidence, attractiveness, seductiveness, a little bit of levity!

Pin Up Makeup Looks

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