Having Grey Hair at a Young Age: Causes and Prevention

Having grey hair at young age is a fairly common occurrence in today’s world. Grey hair at a young age is defined as the appearance of the first grey hair before the age of 25. Generally, grey hairs can appear in men after 35 years of age and in women after 40.

It is normal for people’s hair colors to change as they age. In contrast, gray hair can appear at any age. Gray hair strands can be seen in teenagers and people in their twenties.

Having grey hair at a young age is an unpleasant phenomenon, and many people want to get rid of it.

Do you ever wonder why your hair turns gray at such a young age? Why do some people have gray hair at 25, while others, who may be much older, do not have a single gray hair on their heads? Let’s figure this out.

What exactly is gray hair?

To study a phenomenon like having grey hair at a young age or early graying of hair, you must first understand what gray hair is. Why does people’s hair turn gray at all?

Gray hair is a physiological process that manifests biological functions that occur in the body as we age. The color of the hairline is entirely determined by the melanin pigment.

This pigment is no longer produced in sufficient quantities with age or due to external factors, and the cells inside the hair begin to release tiny particles of hydrogen peroxide, which bleach the hair from the inside. Gray hair begins to appear shortly after this.

If in men and women the hair begins to turn gray before the age of 35 (provided that all the hair turns gray, one gray hair does not count), then this is called premature graying. In the case when a person has gray hair at the age of 20 or earlier, this indicates the need for an urgent medical examination.

Gray hair happens:




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