Herbs For Dry Hair and Premature Grey Hair

Rinsing dry hair with herbs is one of the most affordable remedies you can use to make your hair look livelier.Herbs for Dry Hair

In order to find herbs to help dry hair, you need to understand the cause of the dryness. Possible causes can be divided into two types. The first is dryness as a type of hair, when heredity, body malfunction, improper scalp care is responsible for dry hair.

The second type is dryness as a result of hair shaft damage after artificial intervention (coloring, thermal and chemical styling).

By dryness we mean disturbed level of natural hydro-lipidic layer for normal hair. To regulate it, we need an acidified environment, which is brought by various rinses, masks and balms. Many of them are based on the natural components of certain herbs, which can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy or even to collect themselves.

However, it is important to understand that we are not talking about restoring the hair on the whole length, as the grown-out hair is a dead horny layer and can only be for a time (from wash to wash) to bring it in order a little. And rinsing with herbal decoctions will probably help to do this.

Pharmacy herbs for dry hair

Herbs For Dry Hair and Premature Grey Hair
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Linden and birch have hydro-lipid regulating properties, so suitable for over-dry hair. Lime is also rich in vitamin C and flavanoids, which makes hair shiny. Birch leaves also have vitamin C, carotene, nicotinic acid, which also helps to combat dandruff, which is not uncommon in dry hair.

Thyme includes oleic acids, fats, resin substances and not a small amount of essential oil, which makes it one of the favorite natural ingredients in care products. Because dry hair is prone to breakage, thyme helps to strengthen it and thus stop hair loss.

St. John’s wort also regulates the dryness of hair, thanks to its tannins, alkaloids and plant coumarins. This forest herb nourishes dry hair by affecting blood flow in the skin and nourishing the hair follicles.

Hops is another plant that is a treasure trove of beneficial elements for hair. It includes a rich range of vitamins, essential oils, a number of acids (acetic, formic, nicotinic, valerian) and resins.

It should be used for brittle and dry, so it strengthens the hair, nourishing the skin and bulbs with vitamins. Also, hops are very positively combined with other herbs. Decoctions and rinses with its composition noticeably improve the condition of the hair almost immediately.

White clover is a valuable source of carotene, phytoestrogens and acids. The magical herb revitalizes dry hair, nourishes and is suitable for over-dried colored hair.

Not to forget the well-known apothecary chamomile, which moisturizes and soothes the scalp, providing nourishment to the bulbs. Gives the effect of elasticity and a healthy golden hue on blonde hair.

Melissa softens dry hair, leaving it silky smooth. The rich oils in Melissa, moisturize and soothe the hair. Calcium, magnesium and zinc normalize the hydro-balance. Identical properties have peppermint.

How to use herbs for dry hair

Hair rinsing can be with the use of a single herb or leaf, or in combination with other herbs. Preparation of the broth is made at the rate of a glass of boiling water – 2-4 tablespoons of crushed herbs.

Allow the broth to infuse for at least 2 hours. Then, using a strainer separate the liquid from the herb, pouring it in a good for storage and use container. Since any natural products are short-lived in storage and are designed for a single use, then if you prepare a broth in a large volume, storage should be in the refrigerator with a tightly closed airtight lid.

Herbal rinsing should become a regular procedure that accompanies every hair wash. Only with regular care can you achieve a visual improvement in dry hair. Herbal remedies are very mild in their effect and can be used if there is a problem with dry hair in a child.