6 Reasons Why Hair Turns Gray And How To Deal With It

With age, hair color changes, its natural and common occurrence. We can say that women hit the jackpot in the lottery. They turn gray after 10 years, and even dye their hair.

I was looking for an advise from a health practitioner related to my hair gray, I found a article useful written by Miss Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN published on helathline media. Dr. Debra Rose Wilson is a holistic healthcare practitioner, researcher, and professor.

Finding out how hair turns white is a nightmare for any woman. This is considered normal when a small amount of gray hair appears after 35 or 40 years. But few people know that young people also have brown stripes.

Appearance of gray hair at the age of 25 or 20 is a reason to think. Maybe something is wrong with the body. Vitamin deficiency, health problems, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle are some of the reasons why hair can turn white. To get ready for gray hair first, it is important to know at what age they appear, why this happens, and what to do to prevent premature graying of the hair.

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At what age do hair usually turn white?

6 Reasons for Gray Hair

7 tips for dealing with gray hair

5 Ways to Cover Gray Hair

At what age do hair usually turn white?

As a rule, hair begins to turn gray after 35-40 years, and by the age of 50, the head becomes partially white.

According to research, by the age of 65, about one third of the heads of 74% of people are covered with white hair. Europeans are the fastest to turn gray – silver can dye their hair at age 35.

In second place are Asians, who at about the age of 42 find thick gray hair. The most resistant to gray hair are the representatives of the Negro race and the Indians. The latter found that their heads often turned white at the age of 70. Interestingly, this process progresses differently in men and women.

In men

Due to genetic predisposition, males or men begin to turn gray on average 10 years earlier than females or women.

The first white hairs on a man’s head can appear at the age of 30-35. On the contrary from females, to males, gray hairs usually grow immediately into a continuous thick layer. The gray hairs first grab the whiskey, the mustache and the beard and then slowly rise to the top of the head.

Among women

In women, hair starts to turn white at the age of 40-45. Silver hairs appear on the parietal zone and crown, so they are always clearly visible in separation. As a rule, initially only single hairs break through at first, but over time this process progresses and their number increases.

6 Reasons for Gray Hair

Hair turns white when the cells of the human body stop producing melanin, the pigment that colors hair. Air bubbles accumulate in the hair, it becomes transparent and visually gray.

Graying of hair is a slow and gradual process. It’s impossible to be gray-haired at once. However, these changes have their own causes, which can accelerate the whitening process or start it at an early age.  In the selection – 6 factors that make gray hair progress.


Being gray is a process that is genetically involved in us. Studies have shown that this relationship exists. Cells also acquire genetic potential in the uterus, so white hair can be caused by hereditary factors.

If your direct relatives – mom, dad, grandparents – have turned gray at an early age, chances are this trait will reach you. Genetics also determines how quickly hair turns white, and whether the hair that turns white will be brown, silver or white.

Thyroid problems

If you find yourself having early gray hair, this is your chance to see an endocrinologist. Scientists have found that the wrong function of thyroid hormones alters the function of a person’s hair follicles, leading to changes in hair color.

However, this is a reversal process. If thyroid function is restored, normal pigment will return to the hair.

Vitamin B deficiency and iron deficiency in the blood

Vitamin B deficiency is directly related to graying of hair. Studies show that vegetarians who do not eat vitamin B12-rich meats and eggs, turn gray earlier than others.

In addition, iron or ferritin deficiency can reduce the melanin production in the hair, which is also responsible for the body’s absorption of vitamins.

Taking Certain Medicine

These medicines can cause gray hair when a person is sick. For example, a substance called detranol is part of the medicine for psoriasis, an incurable disease when the hair ruptures and is covered with ulcers. As a side effect, it causes hair discoloration.

Illnesses that cause gray hair – The vast majority of gray hairs are the result of age-related graying. Graying hair, on the other hand, can indicate an illness, especially if it appears at a young age.


An unbalanced diet helps in the appearance of gray hair. This is due to lack of nutrients. Studies show that, for example, long-term protein deficiency delays the production of melanin pigment, which is responsible for hair color. Curls literally disappear.


Studies have shown a direct link between smoking and white hair. The toxins in tobacco tar settle in the body and cause intoxication.

This smoking causes the hair to turn gray sooner – which is why smokers are 2.5 times more likely to turn gray than non-smokers. A bad habit also helps to dye gray wires in dirty yellow. This is due to the entry of smoke into the hair structure.

A common question, Can stress cause long-term graying of the hair?

Maybe. Researchers studying gray hair discovered evidence of “free radicals,” which are damaging chemicals caused by stress, smoking, inflammation, or radiation exposure, among other things, and propose that they are to blame for the destruction of hair pigment producing melanocyte stem cells. However, there is no conclusive evidence.

7 Tips for Dealing with Gray Hair

Add protein and vitamins to your diet

Include protein and vitamins in your diet. High protein foods such as eggs, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, poultry, liver, fish and seafood will help prevent hair whitening. They will maintain the required amount of melanin in the hair.

B vitamins, such as B9 or folic acid, which fight hair growth, are also important for hair health. It is full of beans – beans, lentils, lentils. It is also important to include nuts in the diet, they contain copper and zinc, which accelerate the absorption of vitamins.

This will definitely improve the premature hair graying problem.

Head Massage

Regular scalp massage stimulates blood flow to the tissues, and provides essential nutrients to the hair follicles, saturates the cells with oxygen, and stimulates the production of melanin. Massage can be done freely with fingers, massage brush, or you can perform such procedures in the salon.

Give up bad habits

Smoking helps the body accumulate tar and combustion residues. It causes premature aging of the body including hair. Denial of bad habits will not only allow premature graying but will also maintain health and youth.

Saloon Visit

Make your plan a saloon visit for mesotherapy or plasmolifting. Early gray hair prevention is provided by modern salon procedures – mesotherapy and plasmolifting.

Mesotherapy is the injection of vitamin cocktail into the upper layers of the scalp, which allows you to make up for the lack of specific substances that are needed to keep hair lubricated. Before the procedure, you need to analyze the hair to find out exactly what is missing in the edges.

Plasmolifting is the injection of plasma into the skull from a patient’s blood, which is rich in elastin and collagen. They start the process of cell regeneration and stop the spread of white hair.

Hair Masks ( Homemade)

Make a hair mask at home. Regular use of homemade masks (home remedies) will not only prevent premature aging but also strengthen and nourish the hair. For example, sage-based treatment will not only restore the structure of the hair, but also restore its youth.

This will get rid of gray hair soon. It is also recommended to rub bardac or castor oil on the scalp regularly to prevent gray hair. They activate the blood supply to the scalp and begin the process of renewal. This will help you to make balance of naturals hair.

Protect your head from cold and sun

Under the influence of direct sunlight, cold air and other aggressive factors, hair oil loses its glow, burns and dries out. In particular, ultraviolet light damages melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin.

To protect your curls, be sure to wear hats in the winter, and when you go out in the summer sun, cover your head and apply UV protection to your hair.

Wash your hair with a decoction of herbs

Herbal extracts have healing and healing properties, stimulating the production of melanin, which allows you to fight off white hair and have a beneficial effect on hair structure.

Once a week, after washing, wash your head with a decoction of nutmeg, birch or oak bark. Make a habit using natural remedies hair product.

5 Ways to Hide Gray Hair

Gray hair is an inevitable fact that will sooner or later overtake any of us a later year. Scientists say that the appearance of gray hair is largely determined by genetics, but there are other factors as well.

Whether you are lucky or not, there are many ways besides hair coloring that you can use to hide your gray hair.

5 ways to hide gray hair without coloring

Method 1 – Change the parting

If you see gray hair in the area of ​​separation, there is no reason to worry and run to the hairdresser. In this case, it is enough to change the separation a bit and hide the gray hair from the other, colored saturated hair.

5 Ways to Hide Gray Hair

Method 2 – Give extra volume to the hair

As a rule, gray hair appears on certain parts of the hair and you can hide it by volumetric styling. Pick up your hair from the roots and you may forget to go to the hairdresser for a while.

Method 3 – Braid a braid

A big braid is a great way to hide some gray hair. However, this life hack is only suitable for owners of long hair.

And there is another nuance. To make a big peak, you have to spend a lot of time. Consider this fact if you decide to use your hair for work.

Method 4 – Use Hair accessories

Don’t be discouraged if your hair is not long enough for a braid. Women’s shops are full of different hair accessories. With their help, you can easily hide gray hair and give your photo an extra vibe.

Method 5 – Use special tools

If you do not want to ruin your hair with color, but there is no way to hide gray hair, then tint products (balm, shampoo, mask) will come to your aid.

Such cosmetics are plentiful on store shelves. Of course, it should be remembered that they can help for a short time.

Can gray hair be prevented?

Unfortunately not. However, this process can be delayed as much as possible. To do this, you must first lead a healthy lifestyle: eat right, get good rest and give up bad habits.

The appearance of gray hair can be caused by constant stress. So try not to worry about small things and control yourself in critical situations.

Why does gray hair appear at 30?

With age, the number of cells in the follicles, and, accordingly, the coloring pigment decreases. Therefore, new hair , especially after 30 years , may appear gray . 

In addition to the natural depletion of cells, graying can be associated with genetics, stress, vitamin deficiencies, and certain diseases.

With age, the number of cells in the follicles, accordingly the coloring pigment decreases. Therefore, new hair, especially after 30 years, can appear gray. Stress, vitamin deficiencies and certain diseases.


In general, the first white hair may appear after 35 in men and after 45 in women. However, practice shows that there are many factors that can make you gray long ago. Living healthy will also will help eradicating

It is affected by lifestyle, heredity, medication, vitamin deficiencies and other factors. It is impossible to completely avoid gray hair, but if it starts to turn white prematurely, you can return the oil to the hair. In our selection – the causes of premature hair aging and ways to slow it down.


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