10 Tips How to make men fall in love with you for women

how-to-make-a-man fall in love with you

The heart does not command. With this statement you can argue, because there are many ways to attract the attention of men and make him fall in love. How to do it and how to make your chosen one think only about you, told Harini Natarajan and experts of the magazine Marie Claire.

Look after yourself

how-to-make-a-man fall in love with you

The phrase “Men love with their eyes” has some basis. This does not mean that the representative of the male sex is not able to love a woman with a mediocre appearance. But to win his attention and love will be much easier if the lady:

  • takes care of her skin, nails and hair;
  • is neat and pays enough time for hygiene;
  • has a sense of style;
  • often smiles.

For many members of the stronger sex, a sincere and soulful smile is one of the most attractive features of a woman. You want to win a man’s heart – smile to him often and sincerely.

Behave like a lady

in most cases, a man supports the tone of communication, which sets a woman. If you want to get the heart of a gentleman, but not the port handler, behave accordingly. Do not allow vulgarity in behavior and dress. Do not use profanity, do not discuss vulgar topics, avoid greasy jokes.

Show your erudition and become interesting to the interlocutor. The author of the book “How to Fall in Love with You. Psychology of seduction” Anatoly Frolov recommends watching the reaction of men to the conversation in time to change or deepen the topic.

Show strong features of his character, self-confidence and determination. Truly a man can love only a woman who knows her own worth.

how-to-make-a-man fall in love with you

Give compliments

To get a man’s heart, Voice magazine experts recommend praising him more often. Say how sexy your partner looks in today’s outfit or tell a witty joke. Hearing praise from the lips of his chosen one, the man will feel confident in his own strength and desire to win her.

Do not pay a compliment every minute. Be sincere and praise the guy when he deserves it, so that the compliment does not turn into flattery.

Show respect

Many women believe that they can easily be late for a date by 15-20 minutes. Interested man easily wait for his chosen one, without saying a word. A few years ago, we could agree with this, but today of such “rituals” is better to forget.

Time of the modern man is too expensive, so a woman has no right to dispose of it at will. Respect your chosen one and herself, be punctual. Come on a date, do not forget to put your phone in your bag.

Putting a cell phone on the table, subconsciously give the other party to understand that not too interested in it and further relationships.

Give a man to feel his importance

expert on relationships Adam LoDolce argues that the stronger sex like to feel needed. The time when a woman could not do anything without a man’s help, long gone.

But if you want to fall in love with a man, stop boasting about their strength, independence and habit to solve all their own problems. Even if you can change a tire or catch the mouse running around the apartment without help, do not do it in the presence of his favorite. Ask the man for help.

According to Harini Natarajan, an expert on emotional intelligence, subconsciously he will feel needed and want to not only fulfill the request, but also to reciprocate the feelings. Let a man feel his importance.

Shift the time of meetings

Starting to date someone, men arrange dates in the evening. Going to the theater, opera or restaurant is out of their daily schedule. To fall in love with a man and make him think of you more often, move the time of meetings for the day.

According to experts from Marie Claire magazine, this way a woman will gradually become an integral part of the daily life of her chosen one. Planning the schedule for the day or week, he will think not only about business, but also about her and the next date.

Show genuine interest and keep the conversation

Increasingly men and women are getting acquainted and communicating online. In this case, to impress and fall in love with her chosen one becomes more difficult. How to fall in love with a man from a distance?

Do not be limited to the banal questions about how was the day and what he ate for lunch. Ask something original. For example, “What are your dreams?”,

“How was your childhood?”, “What achievement are you most proud of?” or, for example, “What superpower would you like to get?”

Such questions will let a man know that a woman is genuinely interested in him, his life and push for personal acquaintance. How to attract the attention of men with words? Share with the interlocutor something personal.

Tell a couple of facts about yourself that you consider really important. Do not be afraid to seem too candid. Hearing such words, the interlocutor will start to trust, relax and take the initiative in the dialogue, and most importantly – want to share something in return.

Demonstrate a sense of humor

How to make a man fall in love with his words? Show him an excellent sense of humor. Many men consider it one of the most sexy traits in a woman.

According to experts magazine Elle, humor will help diffuse the situation, to smooth out discomfort and fall in love with a man. It is important not to break one tacit rule: jokes, even the most innocuous, should not concern neither the interlocutor, nor the people around him. Demonstrate a sense of humor:

Let him miss you

When a woman falls in love, she wants to spend every free minute with his chosen one. This may be what the man wants at first, but you shouldn’t burden him with your presence 24 hours a day. Spending time apart is good for couples.

This allows you to pay attention to yourself, your friends, hobbies and sports. So there will be new topics for conversation with the chosen one. In this case, the man begins to get bored and think about the woman much more often.

Do not try to change a man

If you want to really like your chosen one, do not treat him as a project in which you need to fix something. Any attempt to change his habits, the way he dresses or his personality traits will make a man put up a wall between a woman and himself.

Relationship coach Dave Elliott recommends abstaining from such attempts. Appreciate the chosen one for what he is, or accept his shortcomings and love them, or move on.

Every woman periodically thinks about how to fall in love with a man. To do this, become to his chosen one interesting companion, respect him as a person, show interest in him, make him feel important and demonstrate a sense of humor. Then he will not be able to resist and he will give his heart to his chosen one.

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